Accelerators, Bronzers and Self-Tanners


There are many misconceptions surrounding the theme of cosmetics for indoor tanning. Putting an equal sign between accelerators, bronzers and self-tanners is one of them.

Self-tanners are cosmetics designed to give skin the appearance of having been darkened by the sun without any exposure to UVA or UVB. Application of self-tanner does not protect skin against the UV light. One of the biggest shortcomings of self-tanners consists in stains or streaks that may occur if you apply the cosmetic in a wrong way. Moreover, your skin may smell a bit unpleasantly for some time after application.

Glamtan accelerators and bronzers are lotions for indoor tanning that help your skin get a beautiful, natural-looking brown color. While exposed to UV light in a tanning salon, your skin tans and this effect is accelerated and enhanced by these cosmetics. Additionally, skin is deeply moisturized and nourished, thereby making the tan last longer. What is more, Glamtan bronzers and accelerators do not cause any streaks or stains on your skin. In contrast to self-tanners, they leave a really pleasant fragrance on your skin. You can choose from a variety of lotions with slimming, anti-aging and nourishing properties.

Pamper yourself and choose cosmetics that really work and can meet your expectations!