Tanning Breakthrough


Chocolate, bubble gum and cappuccino for tanning? Yes, it is possible! Discover this surprising innovation in the field of tanning and give it a try! I’ve already checked it and… I want more!

We will have a closer look at three new cosmetics by Glamtan. Though launched in fall 2014, they immediately gained many enthusiasts.

The first one, Bubble Gum Joy, as the name suggests, smells of… bubble gum. It is a sweet scent of childhood… Whenever I use this lotion, it boosts my spirits!

The second, slightly intriguing product, is called Milk Chocolate Delight. I used to believe that nothing that is called “chocolate” can surprise me. I was so wrong! Why? The scent of milk chocolate makes me think of this pleasant feeling of chocolate melting in my lips. It is really delightful, tasty, sensual… And I can enjoy it for a long time after application on my skin.

The third one, Sweet Cappuccino Dream, takes me on a romantic trip to the land of sweet oblivion… This smell makes me feel pleased, relaxed and calm. It is like floating over the ground.

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Let’s find out what’s inside these tubes.

Bubble Gum Joy

The neon pink tube contains an intense bronzer. A concentrated bronzing complex ensures a very dark tan, while argan oil, also known as liquid gold, and mango butter give your skin maximum moisture. Bubble Gum Joy absorbs easily and makes your skin unbelievably soft and nourished.

Milk Chocolate Delight

The brown tube is filled with a natural bronzer. This is our brand new category of indoor tanning cosmetics. A unique complex enriched with vegetable melanin ensures getting a natural looking tan. Coconut oil and hyaluronic acid take care of your skin to keep it properly moisturized and nourished.

Sweet Cappuccino Dream

The lotion in the yellow tube is an extreme bronzer with anti-aging properties. It contains Matrixyl 3000TM and grape seed extract which aid in protection against the signs of aging. Sweet Cappuccino Dream makes your skin marvelously soft and flexible owing to the stimulation of collagen production. Additionally, carob tree extract and jojoba oil intensively moisturize your skin, thereby prolonging the life of your tan.

Are Bubble Gum Joy, Milk Chocolate Delight and Sweet Cappuccino Dream worth trying? Of course they are! They all deserve the best grades. It is a real feast for your body and senses… I’ve been waiting for that!

Try them and choose the best one for you!